Bihar & Jharkhand Airtel VAS: Voice SMS

Voice SMS

Type of
Description How to Access Prepaid
Voice SMS On Usage Now add emotions to your sms by sending a Voice SMS. To send a Voice SMS to any mobile number in India Just prefix * to the 10-digit mobile number and call. Record your message after the beep. You can record your message maximum up to 30 sec. After recording your message just press # or disconnect the call. The system records your voice and sends it to the person for whom you have left a Voice SMS. You can send a Voice SMS message to any mobile number in your circle by dialing * and suffixing it with the recipients mobile number (*9xxxxxxxxx) 1. Deposit Rs 0.75/VSMS 2. Retrieving 1st time (*0*) – Toll Free 3. Retrieving VSMS 2nd time onwards (*1*) – Rs 0.75/min 4. Reply – Rs 0.75/VSMS 5.Forward – Rs 0.75/VSMS
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