Compare Cable TV and Satellite TV

Compare Cable TV and Satellite TV

Cable TV and Satellite TV Comparison

Comparing both the cable TV to Satellite TV is like to compare the old one to new one. Hence the cable TVs are outdated and the satellite TVs are latest. In cable TV it is attached through the cable wires and in satellite TV it is done digitally.

Here’s a comparison of cable TV vs. satellite TV:

Cable TV and Satellite TV Fees

Cable TV: In cable TV the monthly fees is fixed and it provide the live programme and include so many channels.

Satellite TV: In satellite TV the monthly rental depends on the DTH service provided by different providers. And satellite TV providers broadcast of their entire programme in digital format.

Cable TV and Satellite TV Equipment

Cable TV: Cable TV equipment consists of a cable wire that runs from a main junction box to the cable box that connects to a television. DVR (digital video recorders) cost extra and basic installation.

Satellite TV: Satellite TV equipment consists of a satellite TV dish and receivers. You also have the option of getting a free DVR so you can record your favorite shows, or a free HD (high definition) receiver so you can watch your shows in high definition.

Cable TV and Satellite TV Quality and Reliability

Cable TV: Cable TV broadcasts some of their programming in digital format and some of their programming in analog format, so picture quality can vary from sharp to unclear. Cable TV blackouts average 4% to 6% a year, and in most areas if you have a problem with your service you have to call for help during business hours.

Satellite TV: DTH Network only blackout only for a few second and it comes back after sometime, it only happens during the rainy season. If any DTH users have any problem you can call Customer Care in the toll free number given by the particular service provider.

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